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Hayes Work Portfolio

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A calligraphy gift from one of my student’s father (they are from Syria, a place that is renowned for having the world’s best calligraphers).  It says “Jason Hayes, Abu Zyed).


The following is a glimpse into my classroom.  I am glad that I am now compelled to organize my work portfolio because I am a documentarian of my classroom but have not taken a dedicated amount of time to organize what I document.  This year, I was inspired by Sheikh Mohammed’s efforts to increase reading amongst Arabs.  According to a research study performed by the Arab Thought Foundation, Arab youth on average only read  6 minutes per year compared to their “Western” counterparts’ 12,000!  Hence, I have designed and orchestrated an overarching reading  program for my classroom and campus at large.  I conducted professional development sessions, created online curriculum, and a started an online social media program to help foster a pro-reading (in English and Arabic) environment on campus.  I experimented with a few new elements that I borrowed from my university and personal readings.

Please click the following links to view some of the classroom, curriculum, and administrative work I have done so far this 2016-2017 school year.


  1. The Greed to Read Program
  2. Media and Reading Literacy
  3. Gamification of my Classroom



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