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Student Testimonials



Students are the most important critics for my job (vocation).  Throughout my ten years of teaching, I emphasized to them that I wanted their unadulterated opinions and criticisms about how to make my classroom (our learning community) better.  I solicited these opinions via online surveys, individual and group discussions.  Their opinions and insights still hold so much value to me.  

Please share your experience, memories, and reviews of your time in my class.

33 comments on “Student Testimonials

  1. Ahmed
    July 31, 2015

    Best teacher ever


  2. Ihab Mokayed
    August 1, 2015

    I remember how I never really loved school, like most of other students. We go to class for the sole reason of getting it done; because we were told to.

    However, it was different with Mr. Hayes’s class. He was the only teacher who built that unique connection between a student and a teacher, a friendship. We had the utmost respect for him; because we knew he did actually care about us and our future.

    I believe that Mr. Hayes wasn’t just doing his job, it was more of a passion that influenced and inspired us students to better ourselves.

    For that we’re absolutely thankful, and I personally consider myself lucky that I got the chance to be one of his students.

    Therefore, thank you Mr. Hayes for being an absolute marvellous teacher and a friend.


  3. Ahmed Omer El bashir
    August 1, 2015

    Mr. Hayes is not just an english teacher, he is a teacher of teamwork, self confidence, leadership, hardwork and discipline.

    He is the most teacher that pushes you to work hard by his special ways, but at the same time, we were having a lot of fun more than any class ever.

    Mr. Hayes is a teacher, a friend, an advisor, a brother. He’s the man who taught us how to put goals and achieve them.

    I am a 4th year engineering student, and till now i am still getting benefits from what he was teaching us.

    Thank you Mr. Hayes for everything, and i hope for you the best.


  4. Nubia Duque
    August 5, 2015

    Mr. Hayes class was the only class I ever looked forward in going to. He took teaching to a whole new level. I could see how my classmates enjoyed his class,how everyone really payed attention and did the work. He always greeted everyone before coming in. He was one cool teacher. I learned alot that year,stuff I really didn’t like. If I could go back in time to my best school year, I would go back to 2007 back in his classroom. Really good memories that I will always carry with me. Honestly the best teacher i’ve ever had.


  5. lazaro andrade
    August 6, 2015

    I remember back in 8th I had this special teacher whom seen potential in me. He wuld make us write essays n explain it to the whole class then the whole school he made us do things other techers wuldent thats why he was special he cared about us he wuld often pull me to the side and ask how I was doing I would always say good eavean tho somtimes I wassent but yall kno how that goes he told me to go to school quit messin up I didnt listen now im a carpenter if I would of had more teachers like him maybe I wuld have finisht school thank u Mr.Hayes….one love man


  6. Mohammad Ibrahim Abdullah
    August 6, 2015

    Mr.Hayes… You can’t really say anything about his classes because they are one of the best classes I have ever attended to.
    Too many unforgettable experiences and useful knowledge, not only about his subject, but also about how my life is going to move on.
    I will never forget his special ways in teaching.


  7. Pablo David Hernandez
    August 6, 2015

    Books or action? For many years students have been using text book in school to learn new things. But is hard to remember what every single page says, specially when it has 300 pages with full of words.

    But I say actions speak louder then word, something I learn from a old good teacher I had in middle school, Mr. Hays. Mr. Hays is a open minded, smart, nd fun teacher, I always will remember him because he always maid every leasson fun, instead of having us read bout history he maid us live it. We did not jst had fun, we understood things more clearly and if we didn’t Mr. Hays would help us out. He’s that type of teacher that would not give up on his students, he wants us to succeed, he would come up with so many explanations that one had to make you understand the problem.

    Their hasn’t been no teacher that I met besides Mr. Hays, that would take up some of his time jst to come up with all this activities. This activities were not jst to have fun but to remember an share with others new things we learn. Mr. Hayes did not jst treat us as students but as Family.


  8. Karim Mohamed Abdel-Salam
    August 6, 2015

    Mr.Hayes ..
    He is of the most teachers that added so much to my knowledge and personality. He is really a talented teacher. I really miss his class. In fact He pushed me to discover my self and build my own self confidence and dependence. After two years , I`ll be a dentist and I am looking forward to many achievements in a successful career as Mr. Hayes always waits that from me .
    Thanks Mr.Hayes ..


  9. Makeea Berry
    August 11, 2015

    For me school was all about sports at the beginning. I went to class just to be there so I can get through the day to do my extra curricular activities. It wasn’t until I had Mr. Hayes class that made me actually get serious about my studies. If you ever seen the show Boy Meets World or even now a days Girl Meets World that what his class reminded me of. It just wasn’t about the subject we were studying it was about something more. Being a student in his class made you realize all the potential you had in life. Learning was fun.

    I believe that if he could have taught my classes in high school I would have done much more better. Don’t get me wrong I graduated in the top 10% but I think I could have even done better than that.
    Mr. Hayes will always be my favorite teacher.


  10. juan hernandez aka Arturo
    August 14, 2015

    Man mr.hays wasn’t only my 8th grade social studies teacher but a mentor an friend he thought me valuable. Leeson “life leasson and school as well” lt what im more grateful. For is his way of teaching with so much passion.

    Thanks Mr.Hays for teaching and teaching me how to love something. With a passion. And for always beeing a cool understanding pearson


  11. Yousif Al-Mufti
    August 15, 2015

    I always did well in school, but to be completely honest, I never felt motivated. My English classes were always the easiest, and simultaneously the least interesting. I always wished that my English classes were more challenging.
    This whole changed when I was by taught by Mr. Hayes in my senior year of High School. On the first day of class, he let us know that this was going to be no ordinary course, that we were expected to give a 110% in exchange for the most enjoyable school experience, and man did he not disappoint. Mr. Hayes would spend a lot of time discussing things which involved our curriculum which has vastly increased our understanding of our assignments and the thought process behind it.
    Mr. Hayes was more than a teacher to us all, he was a friend, his guidance extended beyond the walls of our classroom, and into our general well being.


  12. محمد العيدروس
    August 15, 2015

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    الأستاذ خالد هيز من أفضل الأساتذة الذين درسوني بشكل عام لا في مادة اللغة الانجليزية فقط، فهو استطاع تغيير الكثير من مفاهيم الدراسة لدينا والبحث عن النتائج أولا وأخيرا وليس الطريقة التي لربما تكون سيئة وغير مفيدة، في الحقيقة لازالت افضاله علينا الى اليوم لاسيما أننا في تواصل مستمر ونستفيد من خبراته في مجالات أخرى، وكان من أهم الذي يميزه هو كيفية التقارب مع تلاميذه وجعلها أخوية في جانب مع بقاء احترام المعلم، أسأل الله أن يوفقه دائما وابدا أينما كان فهو انسان ذو بصيرة ويستطيع تحقيق النجاح دائما وإيصال هذا النجاح لغيره


  13. Jasmine Drawhorn
    August 15, 2015

    I met Mr. Hayes in 7th grade. I was in a new city and a new school. It was so overwhelming to take everything in. On my first day of class, Mr. Hayes history class was the first thing on my schedule. He was so funny, he made history interesting and also tied everything into ways we could understand and relate to the modern day. We played educational games, he remixed songs. He always had this teaching stick too. Haha. He cared about each of his students. Not just succeeding in school, but what happened in our everyday life too. Mr. Hayes is such a incredible teacher and role model.


  14. Saul Lopez
    August 15, 2015

    Mr. Hayes was the best teacher at Dobie in my mind. Not to mention the coolest.
    He made learning fun and not seem like such a chore. When I talked to him it wasn’t just another teacher and student. It felt like talking to a friend. I am forever grateful for having Mr. Hayes as a part of my life. Thank you for everything.

    “As the great Dave Chappele once said, ‘I plead the FIF!!! 1 , 2, 3, 4, …….FIF!!’ ” – Mr.Hayes


  15. Roshawn Terrell
    August 16, 2015

    Mr.Hayes was my first true mentor.

    Mr.Hayes was the first person to truly challenge me mentally.

    Sadly most teachers, parents, and adults, the people who you depend on as a child, to help guide you, to teach you about this complex world you were born into. Don’t do a very good job, in fact, many times they do the very opposite. They limit you mentally, they withhold knowledge, they fail to discuss the truly important, they don’t philosophize with their children. But instead spoon feed them..filter.

    As a kid i would ask a lot of questions, i still do. But many times as a kid. when i would ask questions that delved too deep. They would not give me an answer, or worse they would lie. Either because they thought i could not handle the information, they did not know the answer themselves, or that they were deep down afraid of the information the question solicited.

    But when i asked Mr.Hayes a question, he always gave me an answer, even if he knew i would not fully grasp the information given. He would force me to think, and i loved every minute of it. Everyday spent with him, i gained new knowledge, i got the chance to peer a little deeper into the intricacies of the world.

    Mr.Hayes was the first person i truly got the chance to philosophize with.

    My life would be completely different if i had never met Mr.Hayes.
    He has greatly effected my life positively, more than i can say.

    This is shown in the fact that i still keep in contact with him, five years later after i met him. How many people can say they still talk and learn from their 8th grade teacher, well after they’ve graduated high school.

    Mr.Hayes was my first mentor, and still is my mentor.


  16. Erik Granados
    September 3, 2015

    Mr. Hayes has been one of the teaches who has greatly impacted my education. He was like no other teacher I have ever had. He was an educator who you could talk to like a friend and feel comfortable with. I remember being able to relate to his lessons. He didn’t teach straight out of the book, he found way to make learning fun. Til this day I still remember the author of Common Sense was T. Pain (Thomas Pain). He found things we as middle school students found interesting and related that to his lessons. Mr. Hayes challenged us. He made us go that extra mile. He made me questions many things that were going on around me. He made me look at the world around me and not so much on what my narrow mind saw at the time. He is one of the teachers who I look up to and wish to someday maybe be an educator like him. Someone who believes in his students, pushes them to learn more, and is more than a teacher, but also a friend.


  17. Ashlee Collazo
    February 4, 2016

    Considering I had Mr. Hayes as my history teacher in middle school, you would think I would have little memory of that time.
    However, I would say Mr. Hayes was the most influential teacher I’ve had. Not only was he my teacher but also a great mentor.

    I remember being so excited to go to his class to learn because I actually enjoyed his unique way of getting his students to understand everything he taught. Going to his classroom was inspiring and uplifting. He cared in a way other teachers didn’t. He carried the utmost respect for his students and through his teachings showed he actually cared about our education. I loved his techniques that actually intrigued his students into the importance of history.

    Without a doubt, Mr. Hayes was the best teacher one could have. I would go back and do it all over again just for the sake of the great teacher and person that he is.


  18. Jesus Martinez
    March 8, 2016

    One of the most recognizing teacher I meet you always been an awsome.
    Of course I still remember you in Dobie
    For me you will still be mr.hayes and judging by this people of Dobie we really care about you and it’s been years we haven’t seen you but we still always remember and be there for you again
    You are one of my favorites and consider one of the winners
    Lupe merino Irvin hernandez mariela lira we represent dobie and we been like a family soon again come and visit I will be a doctor and I will contact my old friends and we will take a picture together
    Take care and good luck teaching more in the future 😉


  19. Francheska Cavazos
    March 24, 2016

    Words can not describe how amazing and influential Mr. Hayes is. Through out my high school and collage years I’ve never had a teacher make learning fun like he did. 8 years later as I’m currently taking history is college all I could think of was all the wonderful and unique lessons we learned in his class and how they intertwine with what I’m currently learning now.

    I’m not going to lie I am not a huge fan of history, actually any subject with the exception of math. I can’t tell you specific grammer rules or basically anything that has to do with biology. But I can have a conversation about US history without sounding completely wrong. And I owe that to Mr. Hayes.

    And to not be biased at all because 8 years later he is still one of my favorite teachers. But any one would benefit from learning from Mr. Hayes. He took something that was so boring (sorry history buffs) and made it so fun and memorable. I aspire to be the teacher he is when I myself become a teacher. I will never be able express how grateful I am for the impact he made in my life and in my future.


  20. chelcyhicks
    March 27, 2016

    Well, here I am 20 years old. I can still remember just about every day I spent in Mr. Hays’ class my 8th grade year. From planting with real goldfish as pioneers did, to debate, to learning about the Boston Tea Party, and even the cool project we did where we wrote down amendments and taught us how to make the paper look all old. I don’t think I remember ever even picking up a history book that year once, if that.
    I had a hard time at Dobie, I never really looked forward to going to school. But, it was for sure always with a smile on my face I could walk in to this man’s class room. Not only does Mr. Hays have the most unique way of teaching I have ever seen and experienced, by giving us live hands on action with and what we were learning about.
    But, he is a teacher that showed caring and compassion to us. He made me see the world in a different light. He always gave me something to look forward to. He formed me to be open minded and showed us things no other teacher would about how the world truly works. He had away of explaining things where our young minds could understand them.
    He put more faith in our class of 8th graders than I’ve ever felt from any other teacher. I can’t really say I look at Mr. Hays as “some teacher I had in 8 grade nearly 7 or 8 years ago. That taught us cool stuff” What I can say is I can will always remember him as someone I could confide in, a mentor, a teacher, some one who put more faith in me than most. Someone who pushed us farther than we ever felt we could go, for the fact he knew we could go farther and do better things than we as individuals ever thought was possible. He molded our minds, impacted our futures, left us with stained glass memories that can’t ever fade away. If he could teach me for the rest of my life I would defiantly go for it.


  21. Mr. Calzada
    March 27, 2016

    Where do I even start? Mr. Hays, was and still is a wonderful teacher, his passion for teaching managed to reach us, hea de us want to learn more and more about what he was teaching, but I think what made him such a different and efficient teacher was that he had a teacher and student Friendship, he wasn’t just our teacher he was our friend, he addressed us very formally and gave us the respect that he also wanted from us, he didn’t see us as minors, even though our difference I age, he tried his best to look at us as equals.

    He had a way of teaching which was fun, he would put mini games that would make anyone forget that he was giving us a lecture, he gave us options and the consequences for them too.

    But one of the things that I’m most thankful for is that not only did Mr. Hays go out if his way to teach us, is that he also gave us valuable life advice, he thought us how the real word works, something that not a lot of teachers do now days, he didn’t just get us “test ready” he also got us ready for the real life and the real world out here, and for that I thank him a lot.


  22. Johndavid Limon
    March 27, 2016

    Mr.Hayes! The only class i ever looked foward to other than lunch. He taught me so many things. Couple things i remember is the first day of class he gave out a pop quiz…first day of school! I failed only because i forgot to read the directions and that was the key. Another thing i still know till this day is all the presidents in order from first to last but it was motivation that made me want to learn. That’s what Mr.Hayes is about, he motivates you to want to learn and keep going, pushes you because he knows the potential us students have. Not only that but he makes his class interesting and keeps students on their toes, creating metaphors for better understanding. Loved Mr.Hayes and his class, remember everyday like it was yesterday. Thank You Mr.Hayes for such a great experience. Never forgotten!


  23. kikosuniverse
    March 30, 2016

    I honestly don’t know where to begin! Mr. Hayes was the best teacher my 8th grade year! The only teacher I would look forward on going to class to! Always was positive and encouraged and pushed you to go forward! Even when you felt like giving up he wouldn’t leave you behind, he would stop doing what it was he was doing to make sure you understood and catch up with the class and understand what was going on. Not only was he a great teacher but also a great mentor! Not a lot of students got to spend one on one time with him outside of school but I’m glad I was one of the few that did. He help inspired me to want to stay in school and learn more . His favorite words ” history tends to repeat its self” funny how I can still hear his voice say it every time I asked why did we have to learn about history if later in the real world we would never use it. But he was always right! Mr. Hayes would always go out of his way to help us and teach us the true values in his work and education to prepare us for the future and was more focused on us as students and made sure we understood! The Washington D.C trip was a blast all the historic things we got to see , stuff I never knew exsisted and he was there to explain how it represents our country! Thank you so much for believe in us mr Hayes especially me! Thanks for all the times you had to get on me to keep pushing me to go forward instead of backwards! Your a great teacher but also a great friend !! It has been an honor to know you !


  24. Eduardo Lopez
    March 30, 2016

    Mr. Hayes was awesome! I was usually pretty good in school, but History was just a subjected I always disliked and usually did bad in. Going into his class, his activities and passion for history made me actually like the subject. He was without a doubt my favorite teacher in 8th grade! 🙂


  25. marquis mason
    April 11, 2016

    Mr.Hayes Mr.Hayes lol I got the privilege too be one of his students 8 grade year maybe 2007 or 2008. He was my English or history teacher and kinda my mentor but he didnt know lol. Everybody love going to his Class. As child really didn’t have a father figure. I really didn’t know How to carry my self as men or as a black men in society. Mr.Hayes not only educated me but equipped me with the drive and foundation i needed to survive as black men.
    Not by how he educated me but as far as how he moved.
    How he walk how he talk to certain individuals or the pride he carry when doing his craft. These are the just some of little things he taught me value not by his lectures but his movements. I thank you mr. Hayes i have no felonys or misdemeanors on my record
    I graduated highschool went to college still gotta go back lol.
    I take pride in my craft as photographer
    I take pride in being black men
    I take pride in pushing my self to futher knowledge of the world.
    These are the traits and values install me. Its only right i past it alone. Once again i Appreciate everything you have for me. Lol i know i was Bad.. Haha


  26. Alin
    May 1, 2016

    Hands down the best teacher I’ve ever had. Not only did you teach me but you inspired me. You had a way with words that really made me think outside the box, you always challenged me & you ALWAYS listened to us. You didn’t treat us like kids in 8th grade, you treated us like young adults & you always treated everyone with the upmost respect. I also really enjoyed our debates in your class because it helped us view things differently although we didn’t agree with our peers, it helped us understand them and we were able to see other people’s pov. You really helped open my eyes and made me aware of current events that affected me, I am grateful I was able to have such an inspiring teacher that definitely had a great impact on me at a young age. Thanks Mr. Hayes!


  27. Julio c
    May 18, 2016

    I remember being in Mr. Hayes class an he handed out a pa package an on the top of the package it said don’t do the package an most of us jump right into it not reading and or skipping something that looks like it not important. What that told me an thought me was Mr. Hayes will teach you anything even to the smallest thing that he knows an it thought me to read everything that I see.
    After a few day they change my class but Mr. Hayes was always their for me even till this day he serves me with knowledge.
    Mr.Hayes is a great person in general I’m glad I met Mr. Hayes and experience his last year off teaching in Dobie m.s hearing his announcement of going overseas to teach shocked us cus we new we lost a great teacher but at the same time we where happy for him an me an Mr.Hayes still keap in touch I think that speak a lot on his way of teaching I don’t see him as a cool teacher but a good friend.


  28. Abdur Rahman
    June 10, 2017

    Mr.Hayes was the best english teacher with the best experience in teaching. He is so good in lectures and we had very good training and helpful advices . I have been two years with him as a student . Still one of the best in my life .


  29. Saeed Mahmoud Alsulaimani
    June 10, 2017


    Mr.hayes you’re the best teacher teaching me in my study life,You taught her and taught us not to be afraid when standing on stage,I learned from you the length of the year of love reading by downloading applications like raz-kids,She taught me how to cooperate with my colleagues,I learned from you that I try to make new businesses .

    Thanks for everything Mr.hayes


  30. Mohammed alhassn
    June 10, 2017

    I still remember the first time when you start to teaching us in grade 11 it was great with you mr hayes and you must that you’re one of the best teachers ever and I know I can not give you your right so peace mr hayes and have a great time in your life

    Mohd alhassn


  31. Saeed Mahmoud Alsulaimani
    June 10, 2017

    Mr.hayes you’re the best teacher teaching me in my study life,You taught her and taught us not to be afraid when standing on stage,I learned from you the length of the year of love reading by downloading applications like raz-kids,He taught me how to cooperate with my colleagues,I learned from you that I try to make new businesses .


  32. Naser al harthi
    June 11, 2017

    Mr.hayes …
    This name means a lot to us ، A friend is a father is a teacher is everything ، We did not just study; we lived with him , A lot of talk does not help, to express it wants millions of lines, the school year has ended, and we have not lost it we continue to communicate with him, we do not want to parting also, I want to say (thank you Mr. Hayes for everything)- Thanks .


  33. Hamza Hamoud
    June 11, 2017

    As life going, I faced a lot of teachers that were very good. However, if I search for a million years to find someone like Jason Hayes I will never find. He is not just a teacher, he is a father, a friend and everything. Mr Hayes with this ability to teach, with this knowledge and experience he set in the place of the best and no one can ever take this place from him.
    Just thank you. If I talk a lot about you that will decrease of you. Litters die if someone say it.


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