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Jason Khaleed Hayes is a historian and fourteen-year education veteran who has taught English, history, speech communication, and entrepreneurship to students ranging from elementary to adult professionals in West Africa, the Middle East, and the United States.  During his extensive travels, Jason has had the opportunity to work with private and public sector entities to increase their abilities to streamline operations and connect with their customers and students.  Moreover, he has conducted research on educational topics such as the effects of teacher attire on students’ perceptions of teacher credibility and published articles on how African American barbershops play a vital role in the education of African American males.


The Art of Teaching is the synthesis of Mr. Hayes’ application of Sun Tzu’s classic book The Art of War to the various classrooms he has taught. Drawing on extensive interviews with numerous teachers from around the globe and his valuable learning experiences as an educator, instructional coach, and business consultant, he compiled this unique teacher’s guide that transcends culture, language, and national borders.
Currently, Mr. Hayes runs Vanguard Teaching, an educational enterprise that is dedicated to helping businesses and schools improve their connection with their students, employees, and clientele.  Vanguard Teaching utilizes The 3R’s (Rewind, Review, and Renew) method for school and business development which incorporates the use of history as a tool to be analyzed and interpreted to find areas of improvements, loopholes, successes, and inspiration in order to progress.


If you are interested in having Jason speak at an event or train educators, please contact him at or call +1-817-673-2794.  Or for more information, please visit

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