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A dedicated educator and creative content marketer. “Empowering educators to empower students.”



With more than a decade of expertise as an Educator, Jason Hayes has taught in classrooms on three different continents while sharing his academic savvy as a mentor to countless other teachers. Renowned as an innovator in the field, he is also the author of numerous published articles regarding novel ways to enhance the minds of 21st-Century learners.

In addition, Jason’s business acumen has led to the establishment of his own LLC, in which he has designed customized strategies to successfully work with ELL and special needs students whose requirements are not currently being addressed by traditional educational institutions. As a sought-after Education Consultant, Jason is also integrating novel technology solutions into the classroom.

Since 2010, he has been based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, working as a Secondary Educator. Here, he creates specialized individual education plans for struggling students and assists college-bound students in applying abroad, while he also aligns students with tutors, life coaches and other educators.  Moreover, he assesses client progress, and coaches teachers to understand best practices and most effective student strategies.

Jason was previously an Instructor for five years in Austin, Texas, where he helped develop rigorous student-centered lesson plans for Advanced Placement, Special Education and English as a Second Language. In 2010, his achievements were recognized as a finalist for District Teacher of the Year.

He has earned a Texas Principal’s Certification from the University of North Texas, a Master’s degree in Special Education from the University of Texas at Tyler and a Bachelor’s from Southwestern University, where Jason collaborated with two other colleagues to study the educational functions of African American barbershops.  He is currently researching the effects of male teachers’ attire on students’ learning and completing his book on the “Art of War” from a teacher’s perspective.

If you are interested in having Jason speak at an event, please contact him at or call +1-817-673-2794 or +971-56-123-3072.


On my blog, I try to share topics that revolve around the field of education and how to improve it.  I love to write about world politics, history, economics, entrepreneurship, and popular culture.  Most importantly, I love to hear and read other people’s opinions about various topics.

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