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The 10 Teacher Commandments

Explanation of the 10 Teacher Commandments

Thou shall not worship any standardized test over the creativity and future of thy pupils.

1. Believing that a standardized test solely defines the ability/potential success of a child is vain. Creativity is not housed in a formalized test. Use other factors to acknowledge and bring out the potential your students.

Thou shall not put schooling above education.

2. Schooling is in a building and ends when one graduates or drops out. Education is from the cradle to the grave.

Remember to keep thy weekends/off time. They are sacred.

3. Teachers are getting burned out because they are overwhelmed by administrators, students, fellow teachers and themselves. Teachers must utilize their time off to take care of themselves and to recharge.

Honor thy veteran educators who are helpful.

4. Listen to the advice from helpful veteran educators for their experience is valuable. They can help you build upon their successes and avoid their pitfalls.

Thou shall not kill the dreams of any student.

5. Parents and teachers are the number one killers of children’s dreams. Do not become a perpetrator – be a facilitator of dreams.

Thou shall commit adulting while teaching.

6. You are the adult, the expert, the professional. Act like it. This does not mean you cannot have fun. It means for you to maintain your respectability and honorability.

Thou shall steal thy neighbor’s ideas and practices if they improve thy skills/effectiveness/efficiency.

7. Call it borrowing or stealing or appropriating. Observe and study successful teachers and effective lessons to make your craft better. Sharpen your saw.

Thou shall not bear false witness against nor in front of thy students.

8. Children have a keen ability of sniffing out disingenuous adults. Keep it real with them and they will value you.

Thou shall not covet thy neighbor teacher’s life.

9. No need to hate on anyone. If a colleague is happy, embrace their positivity. Negative energy is a contagious and debilitating disease.

Thou shall not covet thy neighbor teacher’s classroom.

10. Being jealous of another teacher’s classroom or affection they get from students will make you into an incubator of hate.

Observe these commands and teach on!

One comment on “The 10 Teacher Commandments

  1. Julie thompson
    November 17, 2019

    I love it!


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