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Beware of the zombies, prepare for the robots – The Race to Keep Modern Education System Relevant”

This my remix to George Washington’s Farewell Address after fourteen years of service as a teacher.

Thank you to my fellow in-person and online educators for helping me perfect my craft and guiding me to become a better man.  For those who are currently in the profession and ones who aspire to be in the field, here are my words of advice:


Continue to inspire.  Unlike the not too distant past, we are definitely no longer the source of information to which our students flock.  The information age has shifted this paradigm to where many students even feel that teachers are irrelevant, unnecessary, and even an impediment to their progress.  We know that we work in a difficult profession but continue to inspire and guide. Google knows everything but the teacher lights up darkness and has the unique ability to impress the depressed.

Connect, connect, connect.  Many of us spend a considerable amount of time on the internet, social media and other devices that diminish our ability to be fully present with those around us; it is eroding civility, corrupting our confidence, and increasing our irascibility.  Develop our children’s capacity to build bridges across political, religious, and social spectrums. If not, then we will cultivate a future of depressed, isolated, and violent individuals. Connect to humanity first, then technology.

Beware and prepare for the robots.  The age of automation is upon us.  Technology is taking leaps and bounds while education, as a whole, is still crawling and stumbling.  If we are to prepare our children for an uncertain future, then we should bestow them with knowledge and skills that will help them adapt to tomorrow’s uncertainty.  The annals of history show that major structural changes in the workforce produce unemployment, anger and rebellion. But our collective and individual creativity have helped us to evolve and grow to avoid falling into an apocalyptic abyss of despair. Our children need education, not schooling. Leave the tests and diagnosing for the robots.  Leave knowledge of self, life, and creativity for the pumping hearts.

“All things change in a dynamic environment. Your effort to remain what you are is what limits you.” – Ghost in the Shell



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