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Governor Kasich’s Idea: Making teachers go back to work!

I came across this news from a teachers’ group on my Facebook.  SOOO many teachers on the group hated this idea.  I actually love it.  There is a large disconnect between many educators and the workforce which translates into a skills gap.  This project can be tweaked to benefit all parties.

In the summer of 2009, I had the opportunity to participate in workforce experiences with Skillpoint Alliance in Austin.  The company’s mission was to present educators different skills that local employers desired from their workforce.  Skillpoint Alliance paid teachers for the 3-day workshops in exchange of the participants’ creation of pragmatic lesson plans on how to incorporate the learned material.

Ohio’s externship provision is on to something.  How about we cut out a few more of the professional development days so that teachers can go to their externship assignments?  Maybe teachers who didn’t have much work experience outside of education should be targeted for the program. Hopefully, this program won’t create a mass defection of good teachers from the profession and into the places where they shadowed!


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